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You can count on it – nobody elevates your online presence like us. From comprehensive SEO strategies and digital marketing to advanced data analytics, LA SEO Co. is the go-to agency for businesses serious about achieving exceptional online visibility and user engagement.
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    From SEO and Content Creation to Analytics and Marketing, We Drive Your Success From Start to Finish.

    LA SEO Co. is a full-service digital marketing agency with specialized teams and a strong presence in the industry. We tackle some of the most challenging projects and deliver outstanding results like no one else can.

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    • Branding & Design Strategy
    • Software Development
    • Digital Marketing

    Branding & Design Strategy

    We create detailed digital wireframe models to map the user journey from start to finish, ensuring a seamless and intuitive experience.

    Branding & Design

    We harness the power of branding elements to craft design solutions that uniquely reflect the identity and values of our clients, making each project truly unique.

    Custom SEO Strategies

    We specialize in crafting tailored SEO strategies, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge techniques to enhance online visibility and organic traffic. Whether it’s optimizing for search engine algorithms or developing custom SEO frameworks, our solutions redefine industry standards.

    AI-Driven Web Development

    In web development, we leverage AI to create intelligent solutions that amplify user experiences and drive organic growth. By incorporating machine learning and other AI technologies, our websites adapt to user behavior, enhancing engagement and search engine rankings.

    Strategic Organic SEO for Competitive Markets

    At LA SEO Co., we excel in competitive markets through strategic Organic SEO. By optimizing content and quality, we ensure high search engine visibility without heavy reliance on paid ads, fostering long-term credibility and trust with audiences.

    Targeted PPC/Google Ads for Enhanced Visibility

    We utilize data analysis and targeted PPC/Google Ad strategies to attract new users searching for related services. Our approach focuses on maximizing visibility and driving traffic through strategic ad placements, bolstering your online presence and authority.

    Our Promise

    A Cut Above the Rest

    At LA SEO Co., we’re not just another agency; we’re a dedicated team driven by a common goal: to deliver exceptional results for our clients. Our LA SEO Co. Promise encapsulates our commitment to providing top-tier work and service, ensuring the advancement and success of your company through the integration of branding, design, marketing, and innovation.

    • Exclusive Design Strategies
    • Elite Project Management
    • Global & ready to assist 24/7/365

    Our Thriving Momentum

    LA SEO Co’s Remarkable Growth

    With a wide array of past, recent, and current clients, our agency has experienced exponential growth. We nearly doubled out team last year and are preparing for that growth to continue flourishing.

    Unique Solutions Crafted Just for You

    At LA SEO Co., we believe in starting fresh with each project. Our mission?
    Tailoring exclusive experiences designed specifically for each client’s needs.

    Tailored Solutions Crafted Just for You

    Here at LA SEO Co., we transcend traditional SEO services. Our expertise lies in crafting custom solutions specifically tailored to address the unique challenges of your business. Recognizing that every organization has its own requirements, our seasoned team is dedicated to developing bespoke strategies to enhance your online presence, drive traffic, and maximize your digital success seamlessly.

    Guiding Your SEO Journey from Start to Finish

    Explore our comprehensive SEO services, where we guide you through every stage of the process, from initial consultation and strategizing to execution, analysis, and ongoing optimization. Employing agile methodologies ensures our strategies remain adaptable, scalable, and ready to meet the evolving demands of your business. When you choose LA SEO Co., you're investing in a long-term SEO strategy designed to grow and evolve with your company.

    Seamlessly Integrating Your SEO Solutions

    At LA SEO Co., we recognize that implementing a new SEO strategy can be daunting. That's why we offer comprehensive support for integration and implementation, ensuring a seamless transition from your existing strategies to the customized solutions we develop for you. Our team collaborates closely with yours to plan and execute a smooth integration, minimizing disruptions to your online presence and maximizing the impact of our SEO efforts.

    Wide-Ranging Expertise

    Our team at LA SEO Co. brings extensive experience collaborating with clients across a diverse range of industries, including healthcare, finance, e-commerce, and manufacturing. This broad industry knowledge enables us to better understand your unique business challenges and develop tailored SEO strategies that cater specifically to your industry's needs. With LA SEO Co., you're partnering with a team that comprehends your market and delivers exceptional results.

    Continuous Optimization & Support

    At LA SEO Co., we understand that effective SEO requires ongoing maintenance and support to thrive. That's why our dedicated team of SEO specialists is committed to providing continuous optimization, updates, and troubleshooting for your website, ensuring it remains relevant and competitive in today's digital landscape. With our reliable support, you can focus on growing your business while we manage your online visibility and success.

    Hear From Our Valued Clients Themselves

    We’ve worked with a range of clients with varying expectations, goals and needs that we’ve met and exceeded, take a look at what they’ve had to say:

    “We have worked with Falcon Marketing for years on a variety of services including SEO, website design & development, and Tik Tok account management. We are continuously impressed with their dedication to growing our company and improving the experience for our customers making such an important online purchase.”

    Jim Vernon Founder/CEO of RockHer Haute Jewels

    “Falcon Marketing was integral in building the first version of the PlantX website. Working with Athar, Alex and Jaclyn was an absolute pleasure. We are so happy with the final product.”

    Sean Dollinger Founder of


    Are your services affordable?
    At LA SEO Co., we understand the importance of offering competitive pricing while maintaining the highest quality of service. SEO starts at $1,000 per month and scales all the way up to $50K/mo, based on the deliverables and scope of work. Our pricing structure is designed to be flexible and scalable, accommodating businesses of all sizes and budgets. We believe in providing value-driven solutions that deliver tangible results without breaking the bank.
    Where is the LA SEO Co team located?
    We're Based in Los Angeles California, but our diverse team is located throughout the US and Around the World!
    Will I own my website after it's launched?
    Absolutely. Once your website is launched and final payment is remitted, you will retain full ownership rights to it. At LA SEO Co., we believe in transparent and ethical business practices, ensuring that our clients have complete ownership of their websites from inception to launch and beyond.
    What is included in your Free Consultation?
    Our Free Consultation provides an opportunity for us to understand your project requirements, goals, and vision. The consultation consists of a screenshare or in-person meeting that goes over the technical SEO, the website itself and they we break it down to make sense in laymen's terms. Our consultations are valuable in their own right, they aren't just a sales pitch- you will have takeaways that will help your business whether you sign with us or not.

    We'll design your tailored project strategy without any upfront costs.

    That's our approach
    at LA SEO Co.